primary games

Me and ace have been working on some games for the primary kid games everyone in my class has to do one with a partner.ABOUT THE GAME it’s a bit like bingo but there is a wheel on some iPads that we are going to use. You spin the wheel and which every number it lands on you have to grab the card and match it. There is animals and words the animals have the legs to show how many numbers there is here is the picture.

Mental health

Mental health is very important. In high schools people sell vapes and it has nicotine in it so you can get very addicted to the nicotine. And its not just the nicotine, the vape they make is colourful so it looks better just like a rainbow. So its nice and colourful so people would buy it cause you can get cancer and that’s very bad. Onto the next thing. I hang out with Callum and ace we ride around the place like our school and near my house and near aces house and Callum’s house and we ride are scooters and bikes. My bike is broken cause I did a  trick on the jump and bent the rim. And on the weekend we had a sleep over me Ace and Callum. We slept in a massive tent in my back yard it was huge there was two compartments that we could go in. It was fun we were cold so we put a camping heater and ran the wire through the house into the tent. And we had beds that were inflatable and you can deflate them. and we went out at nine pm at night it was super fun and we were out for an Hour. And that’s all we did for the night and that’s mental health. bye.


Hey guys Today I am telling you about my podcast with Nicholas/Milton/Callum And Deklan. We were talking about what compassion is. It is when someone is feeling  lonely and sad you go talk to them at all cost. To make them feel better and ask what is wrong.

We did it on a microphone and after we did it we checked if it was good and then plugged into a computer cause it had a chip on the back. Thats all you need to do

About My Holidays

On my holidays I went to a water park with my brothers and stacked 6 pool things on top of each other  and fell of. and nearly died and my brothers gf came along to and we went to a new slide with my brothers we didn’t  really like it at all t6hats all i did at that time.